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Bioreactors are shaping the Future...

... it is time to get precise!

In-line process monitoring using artificial intelligence and digital holographic microscopy

Our Innovative Technology

See more than ever before

Holloid's 24/7, real-time, image-based in-line monitoring helps producers of food, pharma and energy to reduce costs, improve quality, and raise safety.

Leveraging artificial intelligence, Holloid shows what happens in bioreactors and in the environment.

We sell devices for an Industrial IoT microscopy solution and Software as a Service powered by our proprietary algorithms. We provide images and data on a high-throughput, in-line, in real-time, 24/7.

With Holloid, production managers and quality assurers can take decisions on harvesting or changing parameters - and even automate them - without expert staff.

Our holographic microscopy is based on a decade of research, protected by the three patents and other IP.


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