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Why monitoring small things is the next BIG thing

We target megatrends

Production of sustainable fuel called bio gas. New factory in field. View from above. Ecol

Renewable energy

Fossil fuels are being replaced by renewable energy sources such as methane produced by bacteria in bioreactors. 

Environmental Worker

Environmental monitoring

Societies worldwide realise the need to explore and better understand the world of microorganisms around us to protect our environment and ourselves.


Healthy aging

The need for medicine rises month by month. Vaccines and other active ingredients are produced by bacteria in bioreactors. 

Meat sample in open  disposable plastic cell culture dish in modern laboratory or producti

Good food

Alternative proteins, food supplements, alcoholic beverages, and other food and beverages are produced by bacteria, meat cells, algae, and yeasts in bioreactors.

Holloid problem slide.png

Bioreactors and microscopic processes in general are vital building blocks of these megatrends

Bioreactors and microscopic processes in general are vital building blocks of the global megatrends.

These processes need to be monitored to make sure that the products are safe, affordable and of consistent quality. But currently these bioreactors are black boxes that need to be repeatedly disturbed by skilled workers in order to gain any insight.


This is where Holloid steps in - we show you what happens in bioreactors and in our environment.

We sell universally deployable devices for an Industrial IoT microscopy solution AND Software as a Service (SaaS) powered by our proprietary algorithms.

We provide images and data on a high-throughput, in-line, in real-time, 24/7.

Our clients can take decisions on harvesting or changing parameters - and even automate them - without expert staff.

Addressing an € 8 billion core market

Building a global market leader

In life science, medical diagnosis, municipal and environmental services, foods, cosmetics, and other industries

With projected 20% yearly market growth

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