Holloid in a nutshell

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Holloid was started in October 2020 to commercialize the pioneering research on holographic imaging and cytometry at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU Wien).


Our vision is to bring the benefits of high-speed 3D imaging and optical characterization to the market in order to detect, identify and sort colloids, such as dispersed particles, cells and microorganisms, by innovative hardware and software solutions.

We provide real-time multi-dimensional data on physical characteristics, including motion and interactions, of cells and other colloids, based on 3D imaging, with the throughput of cytometry.

4 complementary founders

>30 years of research on colloids



Serial founder

Microscopy startup veteran

Ex venture capitalist

Located in Vienna

Female Scientist
Test Tubes
Image colloids in real-time in 3D

High-throughput, label-free, high contrast images in 3D of each object

We measure size, shape, density, velocity, and other physical properties of colloids


We correlate these properties for all colloids in a sample

Based on unique IP

Three patents filed on the algorithm

Proprietary software code

Unique hardware configuration

Patented Patent Copyright Law Business t
Science technology concept. Scientific e
Addressing a 14 billion € market

In life science, medical diagnosis, municipal and environmental services, foods, cosmetics, and other industries

~10% market growth

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We thank the funding agencies that have supported the development of Holloid's unique technology.