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Holloid's sustainable growth and impacting sustainability 

The Pathway for Humanity


Demands that businesses become more proactive and more accountable in safeguarding and improving our environment and human development grow louder every day. The “Pathway for Humanity” is paved by any business willing to harness their power by directing their efforts toward specific global objectives. Holloid is committed to walk this path as well!

We have chosen the Sustainable development goals (SDG's) as a framework to guide our efforts. Bellow we illustrate what SDGs can we best contribute to and how, divided in the ecological, social and economic dimensions. We are also excited to conduct more detailed and overarching studies which will give us more concrete numbers on how much technology can help resource efficiency, water management and development of clean energy in the very near future!

Aerial Photo of a Mountain Path

Ecological dimension (SDG 6 and 7)

The effect on Clean Water that Holloid can provide is twofold. Measuring devices can be used in bodies of water themselves to continuously monitor water quality and sound the alarm at contamination. In an industrial setting we can improve water performance and help increased reuse of fresh water. Early detection of spoilage avoids waste and thus helps our clients reduce their water usage and the detection of water contaminants ensures the safety of water which runs through the client’s production.

Holloids effect in the area of Clean Energy has can be in the net energy savings that derive from more efficient industrial processes, or the production of fuel itself. How not re-making a production batch saves energy is self-explanatory, but energy savings are also a by-product of constant and instant monitoring. For example, the product doesn’t have to be kept warm/cool for extended periods of time to run the traditional tests and there is no wasted time in production after the fermentation process is completed. As future fuel sources are made in bioreactors, Holloid directly contributes to their sustainability by facilitating a more efficient production process.