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24/7 in-line process monitoring

We provide easily customisable solutions for various industries


  • Beer and other beverages

  • Algae

  • Water

  • Dairy

  • Other food Hygiene

  • Cultured Meat (Clean Meat)



  • Vaccines – including Covid

  • Protein production

  • Precursor molecule production



  • Skin care

  • Hair care

  • Oral care


Renewable Energy

  • Biofuel

  • Hydropower


Chemical Industry

  • Bioplastics, biopolymers

  • Lubricants

  • Paints


Environmental Monitoring

  • Freshwater monitoring

  • Seawater monitoring

Making Beer
Bridge over a River

24/7 real-time in-line monitoring

  • Detailed and current information facilitates the right decision at the right moment

  • Automated systems managed with less labour,  but providing more consistent analysis

  • Easily accessible information to optimise productivity and reduce/prevent losses

  • Early warnings in case of troubles, sterility issues, competing organisms, other particulates, microplastics, etc.



  1. The devices are the size of a book and can be placed on premise for process monitoring

  2. Size, shape, internal structure, motility and other characteristics and dynamics of each object are measured

  3. The data can be processed on the premises or in the cloud

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