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Who We Are

Bringers of high-speed 3D vision

Holloid brings the benefits of high-speed 3D imaging and optical characterization to the market in order to detect, identify and sort colloids, such as dispersed particles, cells, and microorganisms, by innovative hardware and software solutions.

We provide our unique new technology as a service while we develop tailor-made equipment and application solutions for our future customers. 


Our Innovative Technology

See what you have not seen yet

Holloid offers a novel type of microscope/cytometer and an associated label-free technique that provides image-based data on colloids. This technique does not require a priori assumptions while providing statistics on individual objects. 

Holloid provides real-time multi-dimensional data on physical characteristics. We can quantify the following physical properties in-real-time for all objects:

  • Static properties (require snapshots only):

    • number

    • size

    • shape

    • eccentricity

    • amount of scattered light (dry mass)

    • inner structure (of cells: centrosome, inclusion bodies, etc.)

  • Dynamic properties (require multi-image acquisition, “movies”):

    • translational diffusion (hydrodynamic size)

    • rotational diffusion (asymmetric objects)

    • sedimentation rate (density)

    • interaction potentials

including motion and interactions, of cells and other colloids, based on 3D imaging, with the throughput of cytometry.


Expert founders from science, engineering and business

Meet the Team


Marcus Lebesmühlbacher

CEO & Co-founder

Ex tech M&A advisor, venture capitalist, Rocket Internet

CFA charterholder

Pinar Frank

CPO & Co-founder

Application and product development

Years of experience in microscopy startups

Peter van Oostrum

CTO & Co-founder

Inventor of the main technology

Years of research on and with digital holographic microscopy

Erik Reimhult

Board member & Co-founder

Previous university spin-off

Head of the Institute for
Biologically inspired materials,
Department of Nanobiotechnology, BOKU Wien

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Muthgasse 11, 2nd floor
A-1190 Vienna

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